Thursday, April 24, 2008

Structured Job Search

OK, you are sitting in front of your network contact-now what?

1) First of all, keep your promise and make sure the meeting lasts no more than 15 minutes-set
your watch timer is you have to- :0) -just make the meeting brief!

2) Thank her for seeing you.

3) Tell her that you are not there to necessary inquire about employment at her company-you
just need her advice and suggestions.

4) Make sure to bring copies of your resume-give her one if she has not already printed a
copy-briefly review your background and what type of position interests you.

5) Ask her if she has any questions about your background and career goals.

6) Now here is an important and valuable technique-ask her for the names of (3) people in her
personal network, then write down their names.

7) Ask her if she is willing to e-mail each of them a copy of your resume along with a brief
introduction of you.

8) Thank her and leave before your (15) minutes runs out....and by the way, some contacts will
be so impressed that you are keeping your "(15) minute promise" that they will give you
more than (15) minutes!

9) Send her a WRITTEN thank you note, NOT an e-mail. Buy (50) of these thank-you notes at
Wally World (no one calls it Wall-Mart anymore!) and use them. Most job-seekers will send
a thank-you different! Stand out from the crowd by sending a written thank-you
note. Trust me-it will make a positive impression.

More on this particular technique is coming soon....

In your opinion, which of the following is the most effective way to recognize an employee for a significant accomplishment at work?