Monday, April 14, 2008

Structured Job Search

It is very important that an individual who is looking for a job conduct a structured job search. A structured job search is an organized job search. Many people don't follow this method, and it usually costs them a lot in time and missed job opportunities. These folks, whether they are right out of college or have (25) years of experience, conduct a search that is random and lacks focus. They check the local newspaper want ads and send out a few resumes. Then they are surprised when they don't secure (5) interviews within the first week of their search. Well, a successful job search doesn't work that way. Many years ago I learned first hand what does work, and I have taught literally hundreds of people over the years how to find their next job the right way.

This successful journey begins with your personal network. You will be amazed on how well this process works.....

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Anonymous said...

I think some people don't really put the effort and heart into searching for a job that is needed. You have to use and exhaust every possible contact and network possible to find that one job that is right for you. Along with having a structured search, and using a process of elimination to include and exclude possibilities, you have to be committed. You can't go into a search just hoping something pops up. One has to use unconvetional methods when talking to aquaintances and bring up what you are doing and want to do to friends and family. Who knows, they might say one thing that you haven't been doing that could really get things going. Or on the other side, they might actually have a contact or network that they would be willing to let work for you.

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