Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Structured Job Search

One of the the most effective job search techniques is to contact the people in your personal network. Simply sit down and write down the name of every single solitary soul that you know-the list should include business contacts, friends, relatives, neighbors, members of your faith community, parents of your kids' friends, people that you bowl with, people in your Corvette Club, retirees-you get the idea-include EVERYONE. You will probably come up with more people than you think you will.

Start by sending a brief e-mail with your resume attached to no more than (5) of your contacts. Give a brief review of your particular situation and what types of job opportunities interest you. State that you will follow up with a phone call within (48) hours. Limiting the number of e-mails to (5) or less each day gives you a realistic chance to follow up on each one within (2) days.

Repeat this process each weekday-sending out (5) resumes, then following up with a phone call (2) days later. Now you have started to "get the word out" to the people that have the best chance of helping you find your next job.....

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