Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Human Resources-Employee Relations

As an example,you are an HR Manager at a manufacturing company. On a typical day, you pass by one of the Electrical Engineers at your facility. You say "good morning" and keep on walking. That particular engineer does not care about the new performance review process that you are currently designing, or the fact that you know what EEOC, FMLA, OSHA, and FLSA stand for-he wants you to stop and spend a few minutes talking with him about his career progression at the company, what training opportunities are available to him, how his son is doing in college.....


Heather Hodges said...

Absolutely! Small talk and genuine concern for an employee is probably one of the most effective best practices a manager can perform. From previous experience, I have learned that if you show respect to your employees and engage in even a small portion of what is going on in their lives, you will earn great respect and gain more productivity from that employee. Some of the best managers that I have worked for and with practice this strategy.

Mike McPeake said...

amen! it's called "walking the floor". We talked about it today in our operations team meeting---we've gotten so "spoiled" by email and instant messaging that noone wants to leave their office to talk with anyone anymore. I encourage managers to "talk with their staff" and be "visible" thoroughout the company. Walking is also great exercise.

In your opinion, which of the following is the most effective way to recognize an employee for a significant accomplishment at work?