Thursday, June 5, 2008


After the interview has concluded, go home and write a brief handwritten thank-you note to each person that you met, and mail them that same day. In addition, consider doing something that very few job seekers do-within 48 hours after the interview , e-mail your main contact at the company and outline a plan to help him/her with some of the company's challenges. For example, lets say you are interviewing for a position as Director of Human Resources. One of the company's biggest problems is high turnover in their Engineering Department . Create a basic plan that you would implement to begin to successfully deal with this challenge. This is so effective-it makes a huge positive impression, yet few candidates do it.

The next several posts will deal with how to network successfully. I will review an example of my friend Mark and how he recently used networking to land a great job. Thanks for reading.

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In your opinion, which of the following is the most effective way to recognize an employee for a significant accomplishment at work?