Thursday, March 27, 2008


The top (3) fears of the average person in the United States are (in order)

1) change

2) public speaking

3) death

Sounds strange doesn't it? Or does it? (On a humorous note, Jerry Seinfeld interpreted this to mean that we would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy at a funeral!) :0)

Getting back to analyzing the list-maybe the fact that change is in first place is not strange after all.....let's examine this fact.

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Anonymous said...

Change??? Yes, the unknown is always scary and uncertain. However, Success or a huge part of success is based on an individual's or a organization's success. One must be willing to acceppt, accomodated, and adjust to change.

Yes, it is ok to fear change, but you can't let the 'fear' of something determine whether or not you are going to succeed!!

In your opinion, which of the following is the most effective way to recognize an employee for a significant accomplishment at work?