Friday, October 16, 2009

Employee Productivity

Why did you miss seeing the 3 "Fs"? Say the word "OF" out loud-it sounds like "OV", doesn't it?
Your eyes see "OF", but your mind tells you it is "OV". Blind spots are interesting, aren't they?

Back to the other "blind spots exercise". The next time you have a managers' meeting, ask everyone to look for red cars on the way home that day. When you get together again,ask them for the results and then teach them about blind spots.

It will help your managers realize, among other facts, that they have blind spots about the potential of their own employees.

Maybe the most important thing about blind spots is knowing that we have them. Most people think they are seeing the truth-the truth is that they are only seeing part of the truth...and how much $$$$ is that fact costing your company, day after day?!

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